the 'easiest' epic items to acquire are the delver's epic set from the Hall of Trials (HOT)

each enchant level bestow on the item a +5% of the base stat of that item. at enchanted to +50 the bonus stats is 250%


at level 30 at level 45 at level 50
Delver's Staff 285 AP 499 AP
Delver's Robe

240 AR + MR

335 AR+ MR
Delver's Hat 148 AR + MR 213 AR+MR
Delver's Mitts 161 INT 268 INT 343 INT
Delver's Pants 176 END 232 END
Delver's Shoes 35 SPD 49 SPD 54 SPD
Delver's Wizard Cape 90 AP 141 AP 176 AP
Delver's Wizard Ring 93 AP 112 AP



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